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Information for social housing tenants

If you live in a Council or Housing Association home, and it is no longer accessible enough to meet your needs, you can ask for it to be adapted. Maybe you need a ramp to get in the front door, handrails, a stairlift or a downstairs shower room.

The Council will send someone to carry out an assessment. Then they will tell you what they propose to do. And they will give the works a priority depending on how urgent they think it is. If you are not happy about what they suggest, then you can appeal against the decision.

If the house just cannot be adapted, then you can seek a transfer to a more accessible home. If your Council operates a single waiting list, that will mean completing one form to apply for all the social housing providers in your area. If not, then you may have to complete a number of forms. It is worth getting support from the outset, as it can be a bit of a minefield. Contact a SAHN member for advice on moving forward.

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